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Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the sea! The largest reported individual weighed in at a staggering 21.5 tons and 12.6 meters in length. In a healthy environment, they’re also known to live up to 100 years old.

Did you know?

There are more than 3,000 different species of nudibranchs, many barely visible to the human eye! Some species can even store the venom from their food – like toxic sponges and hydroids – to use as a defense mechanism against predators.

Did you know?

Coral polyps are actually animals that can reproduce in two different ways. Because of its asexual capability, naturally broken fragments can be attached to artificial reefs to nurse the colony back to life, or create an entire new habitat altogether!

Did you know?

Butterfly fish are actually masters of camoflauge! Their markings mask their eyes, and several species have dots on their tails to confuse eager predators.

Did you know?

Ghost nets are one of the greatest physical threats to marine life. Every year, thousands of sharks, whales, dophins, and more are entangled in these abandoned or lost nets. When they drift onto our bays and pinnacles in Koh Tao, our ecoTrust team removes them as soon as possible to mitigate risk to our wildlife and coral.

Volunteer with the Roctopus ecoTrust

As a not-for-profit program, our ecoTrust is always looking to facilitate volunteer opportunities for a wide variety of interests and skills that add value to our program and to your CV.


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  • Divers: If you have participated in any of our ecoDiving programs, there may be opportunity for you to continue to work on projects explored in your training, including participation in surveys, data collection, net removal and clean up dives, water quality analysis, coral restoration, and more. Speak to your ecoDive instructor or contact us to learn more.
  • Travelers with skills in areas like videography and production, marketing and outreach, web design, writing, engineering, and more. Perfect for those travelers on Koh Tao for a bit and want to give back, improving the local environment with your skillset during your stay.
  • Students and professionals eager to develop their skills toward working or volunteering in the environmental nonprofit field.

Only on Koh Tao for a few days? 

Join us at our weekly beach clean every Friday at 5:45PM at Victor’s Bar – right on Sairee Beach by Roctopus Dive. Learn about our marine pollution data collection program and our contribution to the Ocean Conservancy’s global database, and end with a free beer with our ecoTrust team courtesy of RAID!

You may even be able to contribute to the ecoTrust remotely, get in touch to learn how to volunteer with us from home!

Monthly Extensions Available

Based on your university requirements, personal project scope, or individual goals, extensions with unlimited diving are available.

You can also choose to add your Divemaster Training onto your program at a discounted rate!

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