Each and every one of the Roctopus Dive crew came to their dream jobs a different way. Some of them didn’t even love diving straight away, and a cheeky few were even scared….yep, scared of the water, of fish, of boats, you name it — we’ve got someone who was scared of it.

You may be sat at home, reading this and thinking — I call BS. No Dive Professional was ever scared of fish? Y’all best eat your words ‘cos we got one right here….

Meet Milly – our Dive Master Trainee who came to Koh Tao with no intentions of even learning to Scuba Dive. She’s scared of open water and fish — yet she managed to overcome her fears and fall in love with diving. So much so, she signed up to train as a Dive Master.

Where are you from, when did you come to Koh Tao and why?

I’m from Guernsey (Channel Islands) a small island between France and England. I came to Koh Tao at the beginning of June for 5 nights as part of my travels around South East Asia and I’m still here two months later..

When did you decide to learn to dive?

Initially I had planned to complete my open water course at some point on my travels but I was finally convinced by Dive Masters (and my friends from back home) Phil and Jack along with a couple of our other friends after I had spent three weeks in Tao and had listened to endless conversations about diving – laughing awkwardly at jokes I didn’t quite get and pretending to understand what was going on got a little tedious toward the end.

What was your biggest apprehension before learning to Scuba Dive?

I was terrified of fish. And open water. And I was worried about getting sick on boats. And the whole potential to drown as I can’t hold my breath for long (I’ve since been introduced to the number one rule of scuba diving so this is less of an issue). Also the idea of removing a mask and clearing it again seemed near impossible as I wear contact lenses and didn’t want to open my eyes under the water in case they floated out of my eyes. I’ve managed to not only flood, remove and clear my mask with my eyes closed but also to open my eyes under the water without wearing a mask and the contacts didn’t float out; magic!

How did your instructor make you comfortable in the water, and why did you decide to continue on to become an Advanced Adventurer?

My instructor Dante explained everything we would be doing and why so that I could understand the safety of diving as well as the exact steps we would be taking. Roctopus arranged for me to take the course one-on-one with Dante as I was so nervous which was a huge help and I did my confined session in the pool so I wasn’t bothered by any scary fish. My first dive in the ocean started with a small panic after the cleaner wrasse got a little too close for comfort and I signalled to Dante that I wanted to ascend from the 2 metre depth we had currently reached. He told me to stop, breathe and think clearly and I managed to overcome the fear and I fell in love with the ocean and its inhabitants which sparked me to pursue my education onto the AA course.

Why do you want to be a dive master?

I want to share my experiences and show others how incredible the ocean is. I love every second that I’m under the water and have even been heard saying I would rather be down in the sea rather than on the land (Dante said this was the best thing he’d heard that whole week)! My DMT so far has taught me so many incredible things, I’m now trained in first aid, basic rescue and search and recovery diving and I’m beginning to learn how to navigate underwater and identify the different types of wildlife that live in the ocean. I’m honestly having the time of my life and I’ve never been happier.

What factors made you decide to do it with Roctopus Dive?

The staff at Roctopus made me feel so welcome and comfortable from the moment I stepped foot inside the shop. Every member of staff and the other DMTs are so friendly and will jump through hoops to give you the best service they can. It’s like being welcomed into a huge family. Plus the parties are second to none.

Finally, what advice would you give to anyone else learning to dive?

Jumping into the unknown is scary. Trust me; I was terrified so I know how it feels. But face those fears and take the plunge because there’s a whole new and exciting world down there that’s waiting for you to discover it. You might even get stuck here and become a DMT like me!

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