Comparing SSI with PADI is like comparing Coke and Pepsi…..they are both very similar but everyone has their favourite! PADI has been established longer, and people recognise the name referring to doing a dive course as “doing their PADI”. However, SSI rapid growth in popularity reflects what a quality organisation it is.

How PADI and SSI are similar – PADI and SSI are both internationally recognised and the core skills are the same. As the skills are similar, you can interchange between organisations (you can do an SSI Open Water course followed by a PADI Advanced Open Water course and visa versa).

How PADI and SSI are different – They both offer online learning (so students can complete all academics before they arrive to Koh Tao) but SSI gives this service for free. PADI gives students a book to keep when SSI uses a book library system with students (which is environmentally friendly). If students need to access information with SSI, they can find it online. SSI also offer an instant certification card when you finish the course with no long waiting period (which sometimes happens with other organisations). PADI is an association of dive instructors so PADI centres are not directly responsible for standards being met (it’s up to the instructors). SSI (Scuba Schools International) believes that it is up to the SSI dive centre to maintain high standards and is directly responsible for standards being upheld. I feel this system works well as it means all SSI dive centres need to ensure their instructors are teaching to a very high standard!

We ensure that all our instructors are the best and give our divers the best possible experience.

SSI Roctopus Dive

SSI Roctopus Dive

Picture of Roctopus Instructors, Divemasters, and Divemaster Trainees with Dan Hawks (SSI representative doing a regualr quality check)