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Why Roctopus?

About UsSmall groups
Max 4 students per group with a dedication to individualized instruction
Fantastic facilities
– Amazing location on Sairee Beach
– Immediate access to our best freediving training locations
– Brand new speedboat
– Breachfront confined training area
– Resort pool permits training in all weather
– Brand-new top-of the line free diving gear
– Dedicated warm-up areas with yoga mats for breathing and stretching sessions

World-class training

Our instructors have been trained by Australian record-holder Alana Caskey, the diver who built the program for modern-day recreational freediving. With such gold-standard training, our instructors offer professional and personalized teaching with additional open water sessions available during courses if required.


14284830_10154496085598033_580492648_oCourses and Coaching at Roctopus

Beginning your journey into freediving is easier than ever with WSF RAID and Roctopus! You can access the course materials at your own leisure, even before you arrive. Register today at and select Roctopus as your dive center. Our freediving courses vary in schedule, but all begin with a brief afternoon orientation sessions during which your instructor will prepare you for the specifics of your course and answer any questions. We teach according to WSF RAID Freediving rules and standards and all gear, boat trips, manuals and certifications are included in the course fees.


Come Join the Freedive Culture

Freediving is a gateway into not only a passion, but a new mind-and-body way of life.

Get fit
We burn four times the amount of energy when holding our breath, and that translates into quite the workout. As such a physically intensive activity, we naturally become more conscious of our bodies, promoting a healthier lifestyle.
Trust us, coming off the euphoria of pushing yourself past your limits will have you tossing aside that bag of crisps.

Get centered
Such a major part of success in freediving is our mental focus. Our bodies are designed to adapt to the sport, we ourselves are our only obstacles. By training in freediving you learn techniques to calm your body and mind to be at your calmest, most relaxed state… certainly a skill highly transferable into daily life.

Get going
Freedivers don’t just travel and freedive but instead travel to freedive. There are world-class dive sites accessible no matter where on Earth you are, and your freediving can wind up taking you places you’d otherwise never imagine going to. Why not cruise with the Manta Rays in Komodo National Park, Indonesia, or find the sunken barge at the bottom of Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Plunge into the famous freediver waters of The Red Sea in Dahab, Egypt or try your hand at spearfishing near the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico.

Get inspired
Freediving pairs excellently with tons of other disciplines: yoga, surfing, spear fishing, swimming, just to name a few. Whether you’re already practicing one of these or freediving is your segue into a new passion, your training will only benefit you.

Get sustainable
Spear fishing is arguably the most sustainable form of fishing we have. In this era of overfishing and global negligence toward the oceans, use your newfound freediving skills and get in touch with your roots – literally. Fishing is one of the main reasons freediving developed thousands of years ago.

Get better
Already a scuba diver? Freediving will only improve your skills. Freediving encourages us to pay more attention to our body’s interaction with the water,which translates to improved buoyancy, air consumption, and overall comfortwhile in scuba.


Freediving Instructors

Meet your world-class freediving instructors


Rani grew up along the Western Australian coastline, where she learnt to swim before she could walk. Jaw’s was her favourite movie, and hence the fascination with the underwater world. In 2014, she began work as a professional diver, however a few months later she undertook her first Freedive course. The next day she swapped using tanks to using lungs, and has never looked back. She spent the last 2 years living in Honduras, working in both the SCUBA and Freedive industry.



“I love the calmness being under water and discover what we are capable of. Teaching freediving always makes me smile when I see people progress to depths they wouldn’t have believed to be able to reach.”

Heiko quit his job as an IT Manager in 2014 to travel around in South and Central America. While on his journey he discovered freediving in Columbia and instantly was passionate about the sport. Travelling further to Utila in Honduras Heiko did his advanced and master freediver and enjoyed freediving in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea and freediving in Cenotes while travelling further to Mexico and Cuba.

Enjoying the ocean and loving the calm feeling being breathless under water Heiko decided to fly to the Gili Islands in Indonesia to become a Freediving Instructor and teaching people to freedive.

In Australia Heiko has founded his own Freediving school and he is now with Roctopus to get Freediving up and running with no intention to go back to his dry office job.



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