Sail Rock

Sail Rock Sundays

Sail Rock

Undoubtedly Sail Rock is the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand (when conditions are good) – a day trip that is a ‘must see’ during your stay.

It takes about one hour and 40 mins to reach the dive site from Koh Tao, and on the way, we chill out, sunbathe and enjoy the journey. Sail Rock can be seen from the surface and is a haven for fish life with massive schools of fish everywhere.

It also has a ‘chimney’, a vertical cave that needs to be explored. Both beginner and advanced divers alike can enjoy this dive site……don’t miss your chance to see it!l

Price & what’s included

Price: 2,800 THB

2 dives at Sail Rock

Breakfast (sandwich)

Lunch (Thai dish)


All equipment

A dive master

Please note, it is recommended that you do not fly within 18-24 hours after diving!

Sail Rock

‘The Chimney’