Living on Koh Tao, we are very lucky to have such a short monsoon period. The monsoon usually begins at the end of October and lasts until early December. This is not always the case as some years the monsoon only lasts for a week with little rain. During this time Koh Tao turns into a ‘ghost town’. Many of the restaurants and dive shops close down, and some of the locals use this time to go away on holiday. The bars stay open to accommodate the few ‘hard core’ people who decide to brave the storm and stay/visit the isalnd. With bad diving conditions (1m visibility and big waves) most people drink through monsoon. However, there is a bonus to learning to dive in such bad conditions…if you can dive during monsoon, it prepares you for the worst possible conditions! Here at Roctopus Dive we stay open all year round, so come and join us for some crazy monsoon madness!!!

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