Tyrone Folletti, the young gun. Ozzy born and bred with a cheeky Italian streak. Another waterman, Ty grew up on the beaches north of Sydney. Surfing and diving are second nature to this flamboyant beast.10635976_874442199246469_4111870180428664951_n With his Divemaster complete, Ty worked for a year with Prodive Sydney. Experience in the bag, Ty decided to take his diving around the world.10383006_866069530083736_1895379822920104660_n However, Koh Tao threw out a pulse and he came a runnin’. Since that time some 3 years ago, Ty has been teaching courses day in day out.10600411_867914239899265_8712695238840472552_n Every now and again, Ty takes a holiday from a holiday to dive/surf Indonesia, Fiji, Malaysia and Borneo. Ty’s natural energy and enthusiasm for diving is infectious.10391425_865628793461143_8096660763839193557_n A true Roctopussi, Ty loves to inspire his students in both the underwater realm and the variety of nightlife found on Koh Tao. Outside of diving Ty can be found at Maya Beach Bar, throwing a frisbee, holding babies, getting bitten by dogs, shooting some pool or just relaxing with a cold beer at the bar.10305255_855036451187044_841475571196316631_n