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Freediver Course

Become a certified freediver within just 2 ½ days and learn how to dive down to 20 meters (66ft) on a single breath. You will learn about the 4 core elements of freediving: how to conserve oxygen, use proper equalisation techniques, improve your flexibility, and how to freedive safely.

Extra Coaching Sessions

Want to improve your technique, depths or breath hold times. Book an extra coaching session with one of our instructors and become better during a personalised training session.

Advanced Freediver Course

Continue your freediving training and free-fall to greater depths of up to 30 meters (99ft) with ease. Practice advanced freediving techniques, learn more in depths knowledge and gain experience in more freediving disciplines. Try how long you can hold your breath within a static apnea session.

Discover Freediving

Don’t have the time for a full Freediver Course or just want to improve your snorkeling. We teach you to freedive down to 5 meters depth in just one afternoon.

Training & Fun Dives

Come and join us for a training session. We will buddy you up with other certified freedivers and take you out on our speedboat to our freediving sites around Koh Tao. Don’t miss our Sail Rock Sunday adventure freedive. Swim with schools of fish or freedive through the chimney.

Basic Freediver Course

Learn all the basics about freediving for pool disciplines within 1 ½ days. Basically the Freediver Course without the open water sessions. You can add them during the course if you become hooked.

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Why Roctopus Freedive?



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