We are so excited to introduce our Roctopus ecoTrust.

Here at Roctopus Dive we enjoy the immense beauty of the underwater world everyday with our divers, and believe together it’s our responsiblity to preserve this unique ecosystem’s health, promoting our core values of:



Monitor reef changes, preserving  marine life and restoring the reef to its natural health


Promoting sustainable behaviours that encourage ecosystem preservation


Stewarding marine conservation education among all of our divers



Promote citizen science programs and projects that help expand our divers’ understanding of the underwater world

Come join the ecoMovement

100% of contributions directly support research, ecosystem monitoring, and active restoration efforts across our beautiful reefs surrounding Koh Tao.

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Our Mission

The Roctopus ecoTrust is an entirely not-for-profit fund that finances our conservation initiatives on Koh Tao, enabling our team to offer programming that promotes diver education and training in our marine conservation projects.


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