ecoInternships and ecoDivemaster Packages

Our 1-2 month internships and ecoDivemaster courses are aimed at providing individuals with both the knowledge and skills necessary to gain a full and in depth understanding of reef ecology and conservation, as well as hands on experience participating in all of our long-term projects.

Throughout the internship, interns will have thorough training on identification skills, survey methods for monitoring purposes, management techniques for restoration, and experience in running and managing conservation projects.

Throughout their time with the ecoTrust, interns will participate in gathering data and play a fundamental role in revealing trends in factors associated with reef health (e.g monitoring coral/invertebrate/fish abundance and diversity, water quality analysis, human impacts etc). Interns will also play a significant role in restoration efforts including coral nurseries and will contribute to vital data monitoring the effectiveness of restoration methods.

*Our ecoDivemaster (ecoDMT) option combines both a full eco internship with training to become a professional divemaster. For more information on what’s included in the divemaster course as part of our ecoDivemaster option please visit where you will find all the details for a full overview, information on workshops, pre-requisites etc.


1 month internship – 30,000THB.
Includes unlimited classroom workshops and two dives per day for the duration of the internship.

2 month internship – 36,500THB.
Includes unlimited classroom workshops and two dives per day for the duration of the internship.

3 month ecoDivemaster -54,000THB
Includes unlimited classroom workshops, unlimited eco-diving + training and qualification to become a professional divemaster allowing you to work in the diving industry.

Note – For Unlimited diving you must be a minimum of Rescue certified diver.
Once the internship is completed, you will be able to join any of our eco-workshops/project dives for just 800THB per dive.