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We offer one, five, and two-week marine conservation programs, as well as intensive internships and a one-of-a-kind ecoDivemaster Training Program.


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ecoTrust Marine Conservation Diving Programs

Change up your fun diving while making a positive change! 

All programs include digital academic materials, all diving, personal instruction, and high quality dive equipment

All eco training dives guarantee a 4:1 student to instructor ratio 

Open to all scuba divers with a minimum Advanced certification or equivalent.

We can run any recreational training you need before your ecoDiving here at Roctopus.

One Day ecoDives


Learn about our marine conservation projects and participate in two ecoDives with a conservation instructor.

During an academic session, your conservation instructor will introduce you to our incredible local reef ecology, teaching you the important roles of different species from whale sharks and turtles to coral and reef fish, down to the species we can’t even see. You’ll understand how important balance is to the ecosystem and be introduced to the projects we run to monitor and maintain this balance.

On your two ecoDives you’ll practise identifying signs of health and stress on the reef, identifying species, and how coral nurseries rehabilitate corals naturally or accidentally broken on the reef. 


One Week Program

ecoTrust Diver Program

This 4 day  course is a comprehensive introduction to our priority marine conservation projects on Koh Tao.

You’ll get 2 days of targeted training, learning holistically about our local reef ecosystem, its threats and our strategies for conservation and resoration, and develop your conservation diving skills. Then you join our full ecoTrust team putting your skills into action contibuting to our projects! 

This program includes 4 eco training dives and 4 eco project dives, for a total of 8 dives and several academic sessions.

Courses begin each Monday.


2 Week Program

2 - 4 Week ecoDiver

Falling in love with the reefs? After completing your ecoTrust Diver Program, you can continue to join our ecoTrust team on their daily project dives, learning more advanced academic modules, assisting with water quality testing, environmental monitoring, coral restoration and care, and much more!

You are guaranteed 8 dives per week and are invited to join all “dry” activities like advanced conservation academics, microplastic coastal surveys, labratory practicals, nursery development, and anything else going on! 

  • 2nd week: 7500THB
  • All additional ecoDives: 800THB

2 Month Internship

ecoTrust Internship

This 8-week intensive experience is designed to maximize your training in marine conservation, built for students, early career professionals, and avid divers. Includes unlimited diving. 

Please get in touch for full details on what to expect and if this is the perfect program for you!


3.5 Month ecoDivemaster Internship

ecoDivemaster Training

Amplify your Divemaster Training course by integrating it with our in-house marine conservation training, and take advantage of unlimited fun diving for the duration of your program.

Please get in touch for full details on what to expect and if this is the perfect program for you!


Monthly Extensions Available

Based on your university requirements, personal project scope, or individual goals, extensions with unlimited diving are available.

You can also choose to add your Divemaster Training onto your program at a discounted rate!

Get in touch to have our team help build the program that works for you!

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