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We offer one, five, and two-week marine conservation programs, as well as intensive internships and a one-of-a-kind ecoDivemaster Training Program.


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ecoTrust Marine Conservation Diving Programs

One Day ecoDives


Choose from a selection of marine conservation topics and participate in two ecoDives.

One Week Program

ecoTrust Diver Program

This 5-day  course is the perfect introduction to the breadth of local marine conservation activities and programs.

2 Week Program

Advanced ecoTrust Marine Conservtionist

This 2 week intensive program dives deeper into marine conservation topics, skill development, and training.

6 – 8 Week Internship

ecoTrust Internship

This intensive experience is designed to maximize your training in marine conservation, built for students, early career professionals, and avid divers.  Option available for unlimited fun diving.

3 Month ecoDivemaster Internship

ecoDivemaster Training

Amplify your Divemaster Training course by integrating it with our in-house marine conservation training, and take advantage of unlimited fun diving for the duration of your program.

Monthly Extensions Available

We require a minimum 2 month commitment from all of our interns. Based on your university requirements, personal project scope, or individual goals, extensions with unlimited diving are available up to 9 months. 

You can also choose to add your Divemaster Training onto your program at a discounted rate!

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