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We offer one day, five day, and two-week marine ecology & conservation programs, as well as internships and a one-of-a-kind ecoDivemaster Training Program.


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ecoTrust  & Marine Conservation

Change up your fun diving while making a positive change! 

All programs include digital academic materials, all diving, personal instruction, and high quality dive equipment

All eco training dives guarantee a 4:1 student to instructor ratio
Open to all scuba divers with a minimum Advanced certification or equivalent.

We can run any recreational training you need before your ecoDiving here at Roctopus.

One Day ecoDives


Join one of our conservation instructors to learn more about coral reefs and the organisms that live there. Gain a better understanding of the importance of corals, threats to the coral reefs, and methods used for reef monitoring and restoration.

The day consists of an academic presentation followed by two dives where students build on what they have learnt by practicing methods for identifying elements of coral reefs and indicators of reef health quality.

Price: 2,800THB (includes 2 dives)

5 Day Program

Marine Conservation Diver

A course designed to give an overall understanding of reef ecosystems, their ecological components, threats coral reefs face in today’s world, and ways in which these can be monitored and managed. Students will participate in classroom sessions to develop their knowledge and understanding that will facilitate them to engage in monitoring and restoration dives during their course.

Each day consist of two dives that involve practicing identification of key reef species and ecological components of a reef, methods used to survey coral reefs, and restoration activities to promote a healthy and balanced ecosystem.

Once complete, students have the option of extended a further five days where they will continue to develop their underwater skills and will join the conservation team contributing to data collection for several EcoTrust long-term projects. This will involve specific monitoring and management techniques practiced in the previous days.

5 day course: 12,500THB (includes a minimum of 9 dives)
5 day Extension: 7,500THB (includes a minimum of 9 dives)

Conservation Diver Internships and ecoDivemaster Packages

ecoTrust Internship

Develop a full understanding of reef ecology and conservation and become a key member of the team participating in and leading several long-term monitoring projects. Conduct surveys and research to gather essential data on the status of the reefs of Koh Tao, and engage in conservation activities to restore the reef to its natural beauty and health.

Monthly Extensions Available

Based on your university requirements, personal project scope, or individual goals, extensions with unlimited diving are available.

You can also choose to add your Divemaster Training onto your program at a discounted rate!

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