Did you know...

Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the sea! The largest reported individual weighed in at a staggering 21.5 tons and 12.6 meters in length. In a healthy environment, they’re also known to live up to 100 years old.

Did you know?

There are more than 3,000 different species of nudibranchs, many barely visible to the human eye! Some species can even store the venom from their food – like toxic sponges and hydroids – to use as a defense mechanism against predators.

Did you know?

Coral polyps are actually animals that can reproduce in two different ways. Because of its asexual capability, naturally broken fragments can be attached to artificial reefs to nurse the colony back to life, or create an entire new habitat altogether!

Did you know?

Butterfly fish are actually masters of camoflauge! Their markings mask their eyes, and several species have dots on their tails to confuse eager predators.

Did you know?

Ghost nets are one of the greatest physical threats to marine life. Every year, thousands of sharks, whales, dophins, and more are entangled in these abandoned or lost nets. When they drift onto our bays and pinnacles in Koh Tao, our ecoTrust team removes them as soon as possible to mitigate risk to our wildlife and coral.

Marine Conservation Student Internship

Minimum 8 Weeks

This intensive experience is designed to maximize your training in marine conservation, perfect for:

  • Students fulfilling university requirements in paradise
  • Dive professionals who want to incorporate marine conservation into their skillset and teaching toolkit
  • Travelers and divers after a unique volunteer opportunity
  • Early career professionals developing experience in marine and conservation biology, conservation policy, and in environmental nonprofit work


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All interns begin with a 4-week intro period that provides a comprehensive review of marine conservation in tropical ecosystems, including modules such as:

  • Coral health and ecology
  • Indicator species and anthropogenic impacts
  • Suvery methods and citizen science
  • Marine species taxonomy
  • Artificial reefs and mineral accretion technology
  • Creatures of the muck and deepsea biology
  • Water quality analysis

After this intro period, your training becomes more focused based on your interests and the scope of your internship project. Your training plan will be designed by you and your instructors, and can include topics like: 

  • Fisheries management and conservation policy
  • Fouling species management
  • Advanced environmental monitoring
  • Advanced coral taxonomy
  • The ecosystem of the night
  • Innovation in marine conservation
  • Micro and nanoplastic surveying

After completing your core training, you’ll choose a path:

Conservation Education

On this track, you’ll become an assistant instructor alongside our ecoTrust team, developing your skills in teaching conservation science and gaining valuable experience working with students and customers. Meanwhile, we’ll mentor you to learn more about citizen science programs around the world, together generating a toolkit for your ability to lead and instruct these projects. 

Lead your own Project

Design, plan, and execute your own project with our support and resources. Our ecoTrust team will mentor and guide your project to success, whether you’re fulfilling a requirement for a university degree, completing independent research, or filling a gap in Koh Tao’s exisiting marine conservation efforts! 

ecoTrust Internship

29,500 THB

This program price includes:

  • 36 training dives 
  • 4 FREE fun dives
  • FREE UV night dive
  • Lectures, workshops, and training
  • Full equipment rental
  • Digital training materials 
  • Join select ecoDives with us for 800THB for life
  • Certification with the Roctopus ecoTrust
  • Free reusable ecoBag

ecoTrust Internship + Unlimited Diving!

36,500 THB

This program price includes:

  • 36 training dives
  • UNLIMITED fun diving for two months
  • FREE UV night dive
  • Lectures, workshops, and training
  • Full equipment rental
  • Digital training materials
  • Join select ecoDives with us for 800THB for life
  • Certification with the Roctopus ecoTrust
  • Free reusable ecoBag

Monthly Extensions Available

We require a minimum 2 month commitment from all of our interns. Based on your university requirements, personal project scope, or individual goals, extensions with unlimited diving are available.

You can also choose to add your Divemaster Training onto your program at a discounted rate!

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  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • Have a current (within 1 year) RSTC Medical Form signed by a licensed physician.
  • For the ecoTrust Internship you must have an Advanced Open Water certification from a recognized agency.
  • For the ecoTrust Internship+, which includes UNLIMITED diving, you must have a Rescue Diver certification from a recognized agency.
  • All scuba courses can be completed with our team at Roctopus. Contact us for a price breakdown.

About Roctopus

  • We run two-tank boats twice a day to the best dive sites around Koh Tao. With the unlimited diving option of our ecoTrust internship, you can dive as much as you want, whether you’re practising your conservation diving skills, conducting research, or just fun diving! No other conservation program in the region offers this much diving experience.
  • Our Marine Conservation Instructors are all experienced scuba instructors – not only will you hone the skills and expertise as marine conservationists, but you’re learning from the best diving trainers around, each with unmatched records of creating confident and safe divers.
  • We’re located right on beautiful Sairee Beach in the heart of Koh Tao.
  • All of our students are welcomed into the Roctopus Dive family. So expect fun times, big smiles and epic dives.

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