Rescue Diver

Rescue Diver

“Become a valuable member of any dive operation”

Stress & Rescue

Unconscious diver simulation

Whether you’re moving up the ladder towards Divemaster level or wanting to expand your dive knowledge to incorporate rescue skills, the SSI Stress & Rescue course makes you a valuable asset to any dive boat operation.

The SSI Stress & Rescue course will test your ability to solve problems under pressure and give you the tools to spot and deal with difficult situations before they develop into full-blown crises. With the emphasis on prevention, self-rescue, and the importance of managing situations effectively, the Stress & Rescue course will equip you to deal with a full spectrum of problems, both typical and life threatening. Making you a better buddy, and increase your confidence as a diver.

At Roctopus Dive, we conduct our Stress & Rescue course over two days. The first day begins with the academic theory surrounding diver stress. In the classroom, you will learn how to identify stress in divers and how to minimize the risks associated with differing dive conditions.

Out in the water, the first day will consist of both confined water skill work and open water scenarios. This will equip you with basic skills, such as assisting a panicking diver, surfacing an unconscious diver, and out of air drills. Day two moves into Rescue theory and an understanding of emergency procedures. While out in the water on the final day be prepared for some challenging rescue scenario work and skill evaluation.

The SSI Stress & Rescue course is a favorite among our dive leaders. Most dive professionals say that it is the best course they ever enrolled in, and most Instructors claim this to be their favorite course to teach.


10,100 THB (includes):
Stress & Rescue course e-manual, all equipment, SSI certification fee, Dive Logbook, and a Roctopus taxi pickup from the pier on arrival.


  • A minimum of 15 years of age
  • SSI Open Water Diver certification, or equivalent certification from another organization.
  • 1st Aid and O2 provision
  • Good physical health (Those with known medical conditions may need to be written approval from a dive medic) *see medical history check


Day 1
09.00 – 11.00
Stress Theory (Classroom)
12.00 – 4.30
Confined water skill work & Open water stress and buddy stress scenarios.

Day 2
09.00 – 11.00
Rescue Theory (Classroom)
12.00 – 4.30
Confined water skills & Open water rescue scenarios.


Stress & Rescue

Beach rescue