React Right 1st Aid

React Right

“Practical applications for treating scuba-related illness and injury”

First Aid

Dive Medic Steve with certified 1st Aid students.

Moving towards becoming a valuable Stress & Rescue diver but don’t have the pre-requisite First-Aid course? The React Right Advanced First-Aid with O2 provider is the go-to course for land-based medical certification.

REACT RIGHT is SSI’s Emergency Training Program

Learn the “How-To” of First Aid, CPR, AED, and Oxygen administration in diving emergencies as well as emergency assessment, so that any emergency situation can be evaluated properly.

Enrolling in a REACT RIGHT program will increase your diving safety and comfort significantly, as well as making you a valuable diver on any dive boat operation.

Also, SSI and other training agencies require a valid First Aid and CPR Certificate as a prerequisite for the Diver Stress & Rescue certification.

The REACT RIGHT Student Kit includes a field reference guide, which enables you to learn all theoretical knowledge easily. Our REACT RIGHT Instructor will guide you through all practical skills.

The program covers:

  • Primary Assessment.
  • First Aid & CPR Skills.
  • Primary Stabilization Techniques.
  • Oxygen Administration in Diving Emergencies.
  • Automated External Defibrillation Basics.

Cost: 6,600 THB

9.00 – 4.30
The course takes 1 day to complete and is split between academic theory work, practical sessions, scenario based medical emergencies, O2 academics and provision and a final exam.


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First Aid Training