Specialty Koh Tao Dive Course 

“Specialty Dive courses teach you new techniques and give you the tools to enhance your exploration”

Night Diving, Specialty, Roctopus Dive, Photo by Adam Leaders Photography

These dive courses will further your underwater experience and give you a deeper understanding of the underwater world through fun and relaxed learning.


To enroll on any SSI Specialty Diver course you must be 12 years or older. You must have already successfully completed a qualifying certification from a recognized training agency.

Please note, it is recommended that you do not fly within 18-24 hours after diving!

Roctopus Dive Koh Tao, Scuba Diving Thailand

What you will learn:

The information about specific types of specialty diving that would take you years of diving to learn on your own. The correct skills and techniques associated with the specialties of your choice to make you a more comfortable and confident diver.

Specialty Courses

Deep Speciality (4 dives)                                    8,000 THB

Nitrox (including 2 dives on NO2)*                 7,500 THB

Nitrox (no dives)*                                                5,500 THB

Deep and Nitrox Combo                                     12,000 THB

 Stress and Rescue                                                 10,000 THB

Navigation                                                             5,500 THB

Night & Limited Visibility*                                6,000 THB

Underwater Photography*                                 5,500 THB

Wreck Diving                                                         8,000 THB

Boat                                                                         5,500 THB

Perfect Buoyancy                                                  5,500  THB

 Computer                                                               5,500  THB

Search and Recovery                                            5,500 THB

 (* = These specialties are available to Junior Divers.)



Price includes all learning materials, dive equipment, and refreshments on the boat.