Dive Control Specialist

Dive Control Specialist

“Learn valuable skills on the way to becoming an assistant instructor”


Unlimited Diving

The Dive Control Specialist course (Dive-Con) is a combination of Dive Master and Assistant Instructor. As a rule of thumb, in the Dive Master role, you are directly responsible for and work primarily with certified divers. In the assistant instructor role, you are indirectly responsible for and work primarily with, uncertified divers in training. This is the perfect step to becoming a Dive Instructor!


  • 18 years or older
  • Proof of a current CPR and First Aid qualification, along with a current medical exam.

What you will learn

As a Dive Master, you will lead certified divers on underwater tours, work on dive boats, lead trips, and conduct Scuba Review courses. You will use group management, accident prevention, and specialized diving skills. Stress recognition and management are also vital to effective dive mastering, while a fundamental understanding of teaching techniques is essential to conduct review courses.

As an Assistant Instructor, you will help instructors manage students underwater, and in the classroom. In addition to assisting, you can actually teach classroom and pool skills under the direct supervision of an SSI Instructor. Group management, leadership level diving, and stress recognition skills are vital to the assistant instructor role. Also, assistant instructors build valuable experience toward becoming Instructors themselves someday.

*You will need to have logged 60 dives for certification.

Qualification – what this means

As a Dive Con, you can lead certified divers, assist SSI instructors, perform the Scuba review courses, and conduct Try Scuba in the pool.

 20,100 THB (includes):

  • Five days with our Pro team
  • Assist one open water course and one scuba skills update.

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Dive Control Specialist

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