The SSI Crossover Course

“The purpose of the SSI Instructor Crossover course is to prepare an already existing Scuba Instructor to teach their first SSI course”

SSI RAID courses

Crossover with the Best

Why should you cross over to SSI?

Employment opportunities: There are over 20 SSI dive centers on Koh Tao that will be in constant need of well-trained SSI instructors. Every month there are dozens of new PADI instructors finishing the IE and handing out resumes. In contrast, there are far fewer SSI instructors being certified. By being dual certified, you’ll be far more employable. Also, SSI is the fastest growing dive agency with thousands of dive centers worldwide, so the employment opportunities will only increase with time.

The SSI System: The SSI teaching system has built-in flexibility that allows you to move skills between dives and enhance and supplement skills. This allows you to teach more to your style and the local environment. Also, SSI focuses more on in-water teaching, so you’ll be spending less time in the classroom and more time in the water creating confident, skilled divers.

Specialties and Ratings will cross over with you: Any specialty courses you can teach will roll over to the equivalent SSI specialty course at no additional cost. The same is true for any professional ratings you’ve achieved.

Why Roctopus Pro?

We do the course over three days as opposed to many other schools which do it in 2 days (some places even try to cram it into 1 day and don’t even go in the water!). We take our time to ensure you get the best possible education for the money. Also, we allow you to assist an open water course free of charge to gain practical experience. This is in addition to the fact that you will be trained by our world class instructor trainer team.

What do you need to start?

  • You must be an active teaching status scuba instructor with another dive organization (such as PADI) with no outstanding ethics violations
  • A dive medical examination within the last year.
  • First Aid/CPR certificate within the last 2 years.
  • Oxygen provider certificate within the last 2 years.

What does the course involve?

Home study (2-3 days): Once you sign up, you will download a digital kit and begin studying the materials so that you are fully prepared when the course starts. You’ll also take a pre-test exam assessing your knowledge of dive theory.


We’ll get you familiar with the SSI teaching system and philosophy and refresh some dive theory.

Watermanship skills:

  • 700m snorkel swim
  • 25 meter underwater swim (with fins),
  • 15-minute water tread
  • 100m tired diver tow

Skills demonstration evaluation:

We’ll make sure your skills are up to demonstration level quality and we’ll get you completely comfortable with the SSI specific skills.

Rescue skills workshop:

  • We’ll go through all the rescue skills so you’re prepared to teach SSI Diver Stress & Rescue course.
  • Final exam and final performance evaluation
  • Assist an SSI Open Water course to gain practical experience with what you’ve just learned. (Optional)

What does this course enable you to do?

Upon completion of the course, you will be a certified SSI Open Water Instructor. This will enable you to teach Open Water, Try Scuba Diving, Advanced Adventurer and Diver Stress & Rescue.

What is the Cost?

25,100 THB

This includes the cost of the course and the SSI fees. The option to assist a course afterward is up to you and included free of charge! You can also do a month-long internship with Roctopus and assist as many courses as you’d like for an additional 5000 THB.

If you can teach 4 specialties you will automatically be crossed over to Advanced Open Water instructor for no additional charge.

If you are the equivalent of a PADI Staff instructor you can also cross over to the level of Dive Control Specialist Instructor at the reduced cost of 10,000 THB.


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