So if you are currently sat at your desk, looking at the clock & counting down each second until your working day is over, then you find yourself in the same place that I was 5 months ago. I no longer count seconds but wish every day of my island life would last longer, who wouldn’t; I live on a Paradise island, spend my lunch breaks chilling on the beach and my days off scuba diving & getting incredible massages for little to nothing!

Six months ago I was dividing my time between London, Manchester and Wales, working as an Account Manager for a reputable convenience suppliers. My unsociable nights consisted of drinking copious amounts of coffee to complete deadlines, they did not consist of dancing on the beach drinking ice cold Singhas, surrounded by great friends…And topless men!


I had visited Thailand many times before, had a stint of living in Australia and a small one in China but now I was carrying out that serious career path, the one that had been imprinted into me since school,  I swept my passion for travel under the carpet and focused on being a ‘responsible’ adult. This all changed however when my friend suggested a Christmas holiday in Koh Tao, I had spent the last year working hard and not playing hard so I didn’t hesitate.

Now what can I say about Koh Tao…the moment I arrived I knew I could call this island my home, a place that offers you a great work-life balance. I met many people who worked at dive schools on the island and found myself extremely jealous at the lifestyle they were able to lead, spending their days relaxing on the beach & their evenings watching beautiful sunsets. After two weeks however it was time to go home to cold & dismal England, where curling up in a warm blanket at the end of each day was my highlight, I think I pretty much spent these next few weeks in a depressed haze!


I couldn’t escape the idea of how great my life could be living in Koh Tao, it was constantly niggling at me…So being the typical head strong Aries that I am when I get this feeling I’ll do anything in my power to make it happen.

My main worry at 26 though, was do I take a risk & give up my current job for an islanders life, I have to admit I had made spontaneous decisions in the past, that my parents are still questioning my insanity about so I had to be sure this time it was the right decision.

I decided to contact some dive schools on the island to see if there was a slight hope of securing work on the island first. Now I know this doesn’t happen to everyone, but being an island which requires Western workers to support the dive industry I was extremely lucky when one of the first companies I contacted (Roctopus Dive) came back to me with a quick & very positive reply from Operations Manager Westy. This then led to a number of emails back n forth with Co-Owner & General Manager Jay. I could tell from their emails alone that this would be a professional but also fun company to work for. They explained to me there may be an Office Coordinator role available and it sounded right up my street…Without hesitating I handed my months notice in at my job & booked my flight.


When I arrived in Koh Tao, I met the guys from Roctopus Dive, they were extremely helpful from the get-go and pointed me in the right direction for long term accommodation. You will pay about 8,000-12,000THB per month for standard digs and if you look hard enough you can end up in an awesome bungalow with great views for little to nothing.  Thai food is extremely cheap on the island, you will pay a little more for Western but sometimes you just need a taste of home. One thing you can’t buy but that the island offers for free is great friends, all who have made the same decision as you and want to live here because they too want a better way of life.


Koh Tao is a relatively small island therefore it is like a little community, you will walk down one stretch of road and bump into about 5 people you know. Having a full time job in the diving industry though has enabled me to settle in with a great family, the Roctopus family!! I spend my days chilling at serene pools, relaxing on magnificent beaches and I have had the great opportunity to experience the underwater world recently, being now an Open Water certified diver. You can’t live on this island and not dive, it is famous for it and should be, the island has nearly 30 dive sites which offer you an abundance of marine life such as Whale Sharks, Sea Tutles & Massive schools of Barracuda, you also have access to the best dive site in the Gulf of Thailand (Sail Rock).


I can safely say moving to Koh Tao was the best decision I have ever made and I haven’t looked back since, I’m looking forward to completing my Advanced diving course and seeing more of this beautiful island. If you are currently at home debating making a move to Koh Tao or other amazing far away places then I hope this blog will help tingle your tastebuds…remember you only live once!

Peace out!


Pricey x