We founded Roctopus Dive in the summer of 2011 on the beautiful paradise island of Koh Tao.

Roctopus Sairee Beach

Roctopus family

Amidst a plethora of dive center’s Roctopus chose to be different. We chose to value our customers, extend courtesies outside of normal standards. We chose to breathe life back into dive education, pioneer new methods of teaching, push the envelope in terms of student safety and enjoyment. In doing so, we would create life long divers. Divers, who embodied a new understanding of the oceans, marveled at its unchartered beauty and were steadfast in their commitment to preserving the Ocean.

Our size has rapidly grown from a small to a medium company, but we still maintain our core values:

Small Groups

Personal, Bespoke Service

Fun Attitude

Safety Above All

Marine Awareness, Protect Paradise.

Our mission was and still is to breathe life back into diver education in Koh Tao and build a shop which welcomed people from all over the world, gave them a crew of family members and helped people too.

We wanted to specialize in providing small personal courses where the emphasis was on interaction with a fun relaxed approach. We still chase this dream and make sure our team is living it daily – passing their passion for diving onto you, the customer.

Sail Rock

Roctopus Dive


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