Yo! Welcome back.

Another week has gone by and my appreciation for this place is still on fire. With our volleyball net set up on the beach and Victors Bar keeping our beers ice cold, life is pretty good.

Roctopus Volleyball

Roctopus Volleyball

Victors Bar is just down towards the beach from our shop inside Wind Beach Resort. With the coolest Thai bartenders on the island and a cheeky Dj booth set up, Victors never disappoints. Bean bags for the afternoon and sunset followed up by obnoxiously loud house music and impeccable bar service, it’s hard not to spend your weekly allowance there over the course of one afternoon and evening ?

If you’re in the mood for an activity afternoon, do not fear, our new volleyball set is up and running and games are happening most afternoons down on the beach in front of Victors.

Mossy looking good in a bikini - The Aminjirah

Mossy looking good in a bikini – The Aminjirah

Now, if you’re not in the mood for running around on the sand swearing every 2 minutes after hitting the ball towards Koh Phangan, get yourself up a hill to one of the many pool bars on the island. The best ones, in my opinion, are the Tarna Align Resort pool bar, Sai Daeng and the best of the best would have to be The Aminjirah Resort Pool Bar. It would have to have one of the best views on the island!

Anyway, another week down in paradise and I have no plans to leave just yet 🙂

Until next time,