Did you know...

Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the sea! The largest reported individual weighed in at a staggering 21.5 tons and 12.6 meters in length. In a healthy environment, they’re also known to live up to 100 years old.

Did you Know?

There are more than 3,000 different species of nudibranchs, many barely visible to the human eye! Some species can even store the venom from their food – like toxic sponges and hydroids – to use as a defense mechanism against predators.

Did you Know?

Ghost nets are one of the greatest physical threats to marine life. Every year, thousands of sharks, whales, dophins, and more are entangled in these abandoned or lost nets. When they drift onto our bays and pinnacles in Koh Tao, our ecoTrust team removes them as soon as possible to mitigate risk to our wildlife and coral.

Did you Know?

Coral polyps are actually animals that can reproduce in two different ways. Because of its asexual capability, naturally broken fragments can be attached to artificial reefs to nurse the colony back to life, or create an entire new habitat altogether!

Did you Know?

Sea turtles each have a unique pattern of facial scutes – or scales – that enables conservationists to monitor and track populations. Wildlife Monitoring Programs like the Koh Tao Turtle Program help preserve local populations and mitigate threats.

Did you Know?

Butterfly fish are actually masters of camoflauge! Their markings mask their eyes, and several species have dots on their tails to confuse eager predators.

ecoTrust Marine Conservation Diver

10 dives over 5 Days

This program is the perfect introduction to marine conservation, designed for:

Travelers: Your work will benefit our fragile ecosystem here on Koh Tao and your training equips you to join projects around the world on your next adventures.

Divers passionate about preserving their marine habitat at home.

Professionals who want to expand their knowledge, develop a toolkit to lead citizen science efforts, and passing the lessons onwards to your students and customers.

 Save the Seas on Every Fun Dive

Learn about the biological impacts of climate change and anthropogenic issues while training in conservation diving areas including: 

  • Conservation diver skills and tools
  • Coral ecology and health
  • Indicator species and environmental monitoring
  • Sea turtles and Whalesharks
  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Artificial reefs and coral transplantation

12,500 THB

The course price includes:

  • 10 scuba dives
  • Lectures, workshops, and training
  • Full equipment rental
  • Digital training materials
  • Join ecoDives with us for 800THB for life
  • Certification with the Roctopus ecoTrust
  • Free reusable ecoBag

This program can be completed over 5 consecutive day or spaced out based on your holiday plans! 

Can’t get enough?

All divers who have completed the ecoTrust Marine Conservation Program can join our ecoTrust team on any planned conservation dives for 800THB for life. Put your new skills to practice, enjoying our gorgeous reefs while contributing to our efforts to keep our seas healthy and beautiful for generations to come!